Drainage & Plumbing

Macqueensland Concreting specializes with design, location and installation of all your stormwater and drainage requirements.

Drainage solutions and concreting are the perfect partnership in the services that we offer. We can help bring your entire site preparation to life.

All house slabs, foundations and carparks must be prepared and have the correct drainage requirements to prevent hard surface run off, 

There are strict laws that spell this out – All  properties need to have storm water drainage infrastructure in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.3:2015 
This standard sets out the minimum requirements for the three core components that make up your properties storm water drainage system: 

  • A roof drainage system 
  • A surface drainage system 
  • subsoil drainage system 

These are each designed to collect the rainwater runoff from your roof, pathsdriveways and land and deliver it to a legal point of discharge. The legal point of discharge will either be: 

  • Onto the street with connections cut into the existing concrete kerb and channel 
  • An existing stormwater collection pit which is connected to the councils stormwater drainage system 
  • You cannot divert your stormwater runoff from your property and it then to adversely affect neighbouring properties. It is the property owners responsibility to manage rainwater that falls onto your property. 

Water Runoff, Storm Water And Storm Water Collection

Damage will happen to your foundations and even the building if you have not prepared the site to the standard it requires
Do not run the risk of creating water pollution problems when water pools in low lying areas on a property.
Excess water running off into creeks and water ways also poses a threat to the health of the local waterways. 

We have the right experienced plumbers for your site preparation, and the installation of all your storm water and drainage requirements.

Our qualified Plumbers deliver the right solutions for your site and we ensure that we stay cost-effective when working with your specific needs.

The grate drains and channel drains that we can supply and install are made in stainless steel and high grade plastic.
Our experienced team take care of all the excavation requirements, ready for installation.