Exposed Aggregate Brisbane

Exposed Aggregate drivewayExposed aggregate is emerging as one of the most popular and best looking ,value for money  finishes on the residential market.  The ‘exposed’ surface of exposed aggregate concrete reveals the natural textures of numerous stones like pebble, shells, or silicate and crushed Quarry stone.
This product  is available in a range of aggregate/mix and colour combinations and is suited to traditional style homes with a bold new modern range available for contemporary and commercial applications. Consider for your next driveway

To add extra dimension & individualise your project, select any of the colours from our Boral Colori range and add them to your favourite Expose’ product. Consider also using Boral Luminesque™ exposed aggregate concrete – a unique decorative concrete that ‘glows in the dark’ – radiating natural light at night.

With a large rang of fabulous finishes available, our experienced team can help recommend the right aggregate size and proportions to give you the best and most attractive look.

Concrete DrivewayWhat is exposed aggregate concrete?

In exposed-aggregate finishes, the aggregates (the stones and/or sands) near the surface are revealed; these would otherwise be concealed by a thin layer of cement. It is created through a process resulting in the stone being exposed which highlights the natural elements of the stone. There are a number of techniques for producing exposed aggregate finishes, each creating a different and distinctive appearance.

Key Features of a Exposed aggregate driveway

  • Fantastic finish and looks great
  • Many varieties or colours and stones to choose from
  • Cost effective
  • Good grip/ Slip resistant